Company History


Leading dealers of used mobile cranes and construction machinery

The success is not restricted on the local German market. Since its founding in 2001, the company developed by the CEO Gökhan Yürekli one of the leading dealers of used mobile cranes and construction machinery [crawler excavators, as well as drilling and pile driving] in international markets.

The company is expanding rapidly through the focus on dynamic and potential markets such as Asia, MENA and Gulf region. This leads the CEO to expand in 2007 his management team with Göker Yürekli as General Manager. The company develops to one of the leading companies in this segment through the combination of quality products from market-leading manufacturers such as:

und the excellent service.

Today, the new location of the company presents a workshop and office with a sales area of 10,000sqm which shows a diverse product range.

This requires not only a large-scale premises it also requires additional manpower to meet the needs of the dynamic and challenging market permanently.

Core competencies of the successful group are characterized by prompt decisions and flexibility in the market, liquidity, and high expertise.

Customers and partners are getting everything from a single source - " purchase, sale , rental, production as well as transportation". Thus, the Group reduces the complexity of the daily business.

Intradrill GmbH

As a responsible partner, we offer an extensive range of used equipment for all applications at the Special foundation market.

Intradrill GmbH

Intradrill Rental GmbH

The IntraDrill Rental GmbH is a company with a focus on rental of drilling rigs and rilling tools, as well as the complete procedure of logistic and services.

Intradrill Rental